ShareMouse is no spyware

"Anti-Spyware" or "Security" software may detect, that ShareMouse includes a "keyboard hook" and output a (false) alarm.

The keyboard hook in ShareMouse is required to read out the keyboard input of your the local computer which is then transferred to the remote controlled computer of your setup.

Unfortunately, some "security" programs may flag programs as potentially dangerous, that access the keyboard, regardless if it is a malicious keylogger or a harmless utility.

A malicious keylogger would read out your keyboard, but different to ShareMouse, store and send your keyboard input over the internet to spy out your text input.

ShareMouse, instead, does not log/store your keyboard input or send your keyboard data anywhere over the internet.

We are a registered company and surely have no interest to ruin the reputation of our 19+ years history or to mess with one of the strictest privacy laws world wide. We also do not hide our place of business.

There is a very simple measure if you don't trust our statement: Just configure your firewall so ShareMouse cannot access the internet. ShareMouse doesn't need any internet access other than the few seconds to register the license key. This is a one-time process.

If you configure the firewall, please make sure, that ShareMouse can access the local(!) network to be able to provide the desired functionality.

When and why does ShareMouse access the Internet?

You can disable the update check in the ShareMouse settings. However, we strongly recommend that you allow ShareMouse to check for updates as we continuously improve the program and add new features.

ShareMouse is digitally signed

ShareMouse is digitally signed that guarantees you the origin of the software.

To verify the origin of the software, right the ShareMouse program file and select "Properties".

If you find "Bartels Media GmbH" as the digital certificate, you can be sure that the software has not been compromised by any third party.

On request, we gladly send customers a written confirmation that ShareMouse is free from any malicious code.

If your "Security" program reports that ShareMouse contains a virus, we kindly ask you to send the maker of your "security" program a false alarm report. This will allow them to verify the situation and white-list ShareMouse in their database.

Here is list of the most popular "security"software vendors:

Vendor Submit options
Norton Antivirus

Submission form

Microsoft Submission form
Avira Submission form

Submission form

Submission email

ZoneAlarm See Kaspersky (Zone Alarm uses the same scanner engine)
BitDefender Submission form

Submission form

Submission email

F-Secure Submission form
Avast Submission email
Sophos Submission form
ClamAV Submission form
WatchGuard Submission form
SpyBot Search&Destroy Submission form
G-Data Submission form
Prevx Submission email
KeyScrambler Contact email

If you are in doubt whether your "security" software reports a false positive or whether ShareMouse is really infected, please check the ShareMouse installation or program files at which uses multiple virus scanner engines to minimize the risk of false positives.

Interesting reading about false positives.

Please contact us if you have any question.

Your ShareMouse Team